Mobile GIS

This project has been developed as a GIS/Location Based Service course on Technical University of Denmark.

Are you interested in this project or are you working on a related project, please let me know.


The following features were to be explored and hopefully implemented in a test-application

  • Reading and parsing NMEA data from the GPS device connected to the serial port.
  • Datacollection on device.
  • Downloading maps from a Web Map Server (WMS Service).
  • Receival of RTCM data from a RTCM broadcaster developed in an earlier project.
  • Implementation of XML Webservices, such as online adress search.
  • Additional webservices can be added as plugins

Following hardware and software were being used:

  • Embedded Visual Basic 3.0 (dropped as of May 09. Replaced by CF.NET)
  • MapInfo MapXMobile (dropped as of May 09. Replaced by WMS servers)
  • Development language: C#.NET (.NET Compact Framework)
  • UMN MapServer (OpenSource WMS Server) and the danish cadastrals mapservices (Kortforsyningen)
  • ASP.NET XML Webservices
  • Compaq iPAQ 3870 with PocketPC 2002 and .NET Compact Framework installed
  • Sony Ericsson T68i cellular phone (connected to iPAQ via BlueTooth and to the Internet via GPRS)
  • Garmin eTrex GPS Receiver with RTCM support (connected to iPAQ via serial link cable)
  • Trimble Pathfinder GPS Receiver (master station in the DGPS setup).

The following features and tasks were more or less completed:

  • Rewrite application to CF.NET
  • Downloading of maps from WMS servers
  • Reading and parsing NMEA data from GPS device. Created as a neat little GPS component for later reuse.
  • Datacollection on device and direct upload to XML Webservice.
  • Download of exisiting collected data from XML Webservice to device.
  • Receival of RTCM data from a RTCM broadcaster partially implemented. Skipped due to problems with too many threads running. Also tried out the NTRIP RTCM broadcaster.
  • (Note June 2004: This is now possible with PocketGpsLib).
  • Optimized GPS and Data download/upload. GPS now runs on a different thread, without causing the application to be slow (thanks to T Jarmo for helping me out). Downloading maps is also done asyncronously, prevented the download from freezing the application.
  • When recieving data from the GPS, a neat little marker shows your position.
  • Datacollection can be done either by the position of a click on the map or at the GPS-measured position.


Further development has been stopped.

Links and resources:



Master station equipment
The mobile equipment