New SQL Server Spatial blog

It looks like Ed Katibah (Spatial Program Manager of SQL Server) finally started blogging.

His first blogpost covers some interesting changes in the latest February CTP.

There are some new methods added to the list:

  • Geometry::Filter
  • Geography::Filter
  • Geography::EnvelopeCenter
  • Geography::EnvelopeAngle
  • Geography::STDistance is no longer limited to having one of the inputs of type Point.
  • Geography::Reduce

Unfortunately I can't try these new features today, because a bug prevents you from using SQL Server 2008 on a Leap Day and the doc on MSDN doesn't cover these new methods yet, so there's not telling how these methods really work.

Ed's and Isaac Kunens blogs are a must-read if you plan on doing some serious SQL Server Spatial work.

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  • Maybe you can help me.
    I install SQL Server 2008, but I can't see any spatial functions.
    I can't find the spatial assembly to load or any help in this regard.
    If you can please let me know.
  • There is no spatial assembly to include. It's already in there. They are likely not showing up in your IDE, but thats OK. Just run the functions in your SQL queries. If you still have problems, try the Katmai spatial forums:

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