My computer is too smart just have a weird way of saying things. For instance, today it tried telling me that I shouldn't be working on a Sunday.

When I booted up XP, this message kept popping up, and my Windows folder was empty:

The file or directory C:\Windows is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility. 

The funny thing is that apart from this message was constantly popping up, everything seemed to run just fine.

I took a backup, rebooted, CHKDSK started up automatically, fixed a few links, and everything seems to run fine again. PHEW! (but I'd better get that harddrive checked)

UPDATE: Two weeks later the harddisk crashed completely. Thank God for backups !

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  • What shell extension are you using to get the tabs in explorer?
  • XP knows that Sunday is a non working day! Upgrade to Vista that knows that you can only work 3 times a week Wink
  • DonnyV: I'm using Total Commander ( It's the best all-around tool for Windows. I never touch Explorer, and the first few minutes on a freshly installed computer where I need to use Explorer to install it, is painfull and agonizing Smile

    Al: Vista doesn't come with IE6, and unfortunately we need to test on that too.

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